Sunday, August 19, 2007


Hello guinea pigs.

Welcome to ARH 101: Survey of Art and Culture I.

My hope with this blog is that all students build a better understanding about art by supplementing in-class lectures with out-of-class web discussions.

Topics we will always be concerned with in this course:
1. Why is art important?
2. What can be considered art?
3. How do you decide what's "good" art?
4. How to describe and evaluate a work of art.
5. How to figure out what a work "means".
6. Context, context, context.
7. The purpose of art.
8. The role of the artist.

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livefish said...

So are we suppose to write on those topics now or will you start a new one? :o)

big bad teacher said...

I will start a new you don't have to comment until next week. But feel free to comment if you want to ;-)

artperson said...
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big bad teacher said...

I'm sure it isn't that crappy! You seem coherent to me...;-)

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I figured it out :)

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aydin1107 said...

will you be posting the topic we will be discussing on monday?

big bad teacher said...

The next post will be up here in a little bit. The topic covered in the post will be discussed in class tomorrow as well.

artperson said...

The venus? This piece is most definitely unusual due to the lack of detail and odd shape of the female figure, but what gives it mystery is that I find myself asking: "Who made this piece? Why did they make it? Who or what does this represent?" That is what make the sculpture that much better. We will never know, but will always wonder. Heres a quote from the web page I was looking at, "She also exhibits, in ways that are at once appealing (to most women, perhaps) and threatening (to most men, perhaps), a physical and sexual self that seems unrestrained, unfettered by cultural taboos and social conventions. She is an image of "natural" femaleness, of uninhibited female power, which "civilization," in the figure of the Classical Venus, later sought to curtail and bring under control. " the call it "the venus" the figure in my opinion is extremely obese and lacking the beauty to be called a piece of fine art.

CJ said...

Finally figured this thing out!!

duranls1 said... post my blog here lol

big bad teacher said...

Make sure to post on the right is easier to find!

artperson, I'm going to copy your comment to the other post.

Thanks ;-)

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